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Our Forum Review

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Our Forum Review

Post by Rhen on Sun Oct 30, 2011 8:46 pm

Hello Users,

I have news for you i have requested our forum that review in the Graphics & Design/Theme & Layout and in this topic you will see below our forum review.


Graphics & Design/Theme & Layout - Rating: Average
    Your forum's main schematic for it's design is very well thought out and very nice; however, your forum contains some disorganized images and needs urgent CSS implementation. For example, your banner and navigation bar is messed up, and needs fixing. Aside from that, I like the background image and the other various images you've used for your forum, but your banner needs to be made by a real program, and not by what looks like a cooltext banner maker. I also like the various CSS effects you've put into your forum's design, and I think that they blend in perfectly. So to summarize, the graphics are good, the design is okay, and the coding needs urgent fixing.

    As for your layout, I think that your layout is perfect. You have the perfect amount of categories and forums, and by adding more would just ruin it's current perfection. I also would like to emphasize that I can even see some great design in your layout, and I advise that you keep up the good work.

    To conclude, I would like to ask that you please follow my suggestions, as I am eager to see the conclusion of the forum revisions you would make. Wink

Forum Review Supplied By: Rideem3

I would like to thank Rideem3 for reviewing our forum and ForuMotion ... Wink

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