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General Rules

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General Rules

Post by Rhen on Thu Oct 27, 2011 8:22 pm

This has been created to make this board clean. Please respect them if you don't wanted to getting banned on this board.

    Messaged posted on the board

  • Before you post: You must do a search to see if your thread that going to post is already posted. You can use the search feature in the forum navigation bar or in the forum widgets.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Language on this board: Our main language is English.
  • Colors and capitals: when you write your message, please don't abuse capitals (it means that you shout), Colors and Bold text are reserved for moderation, therefore don't use them
  • Flood and off-topic : Flood must be avoided. One-word posts such like "lol", "rofl" or a single smiley must be avoided. If you have got any mistake in your reply or topic please use the Edit Button to avoid double posting
  • Advertising for your forum : Spamming is not tolerated, We have a section for that which is located here and also advertising via PM is not allowed. If you have been reported advertising via PM you will be banned in the board.
  • Copying and Stealing : Copying and stealing other members is not allowed. If you are found to steal or copy others work you will be given a serious warning.

    Behavior on the board
  • Please, be patient. Do not double or triple post if you have been report you will be given a serious warning.
  • You must respect the forum staff. They all work voluntarily on this forum so given them respect.
  • If you received advertising, pornographic content or insults by PM, you must send the whole message and a screenshot of that message to a administrator via PM.
  • Do not moderate other members. Moderating is for staff members only.

The Warning System
This board has been install a warning system which is located in every forum members profile.

- You have no warning
- You have 1 warning
- You have 2 warnings
- You have a serious warning
- You have 2 serious warnings
- You are now Banned

Exclamation Note: These rules may be modified/updated anytime, so we invite you to re-read them regularly.

Thank you for reading this important thread.

iPM Staff

Color use in Moderation

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