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iPM Shop Items list

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iPM Shop Items list

Post by Rhen on Thu Oct 27, 2011 7:57 pm

In this thread you can read and buy iPM items using your iPoints.

Item: Username Changer
Description: What to change your username ? unhappy with your username ? well buy this item now !
Cost: 100 iPoints

Item: Signature Card
Description: Have some signature images ? you can use them by buying this item now !
Cost: 150 iPoints

Item: Icon Username
Description: Want to have a icon before your username ? like the staff ? buy this item now !
Cost: 200 iPoints

Exclamation Note: When buying the Icon Username item you are going to provide the icon and the icon size must be 16x16 other will be refused.

Exclamation Note: This thread might be updated so i suggest that you be active in this thread.

How to Buy an Item Question
You can buy item by posting in this section but please follow this proper format in buying items.

Proper Format:
Topic title: [Your Forum Username] Name of the item you buy
Topic description: put your username and the name of the item.

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